FPG-LT Coffee Bag with Gas-filled Overwrap Packaging Machine

Coffee Bag with Gas-flled Overwrap Packaging Machine

This is the upgraded model of the FPG-T1,
which is our standard drip coffee bag packaging machine.

●The new design is easier to maintain and operate.
●Multi-functional machine with the ability to pack drip coffee bags and tea bags.
●Nitrogen gas-filling prevents oxidation. Every single sachet can keep the taste and aroma fresh right before drinking.
 (Nitrogen Gas-Filling Device is included with Standard Specification)
●Capacity up to 60 bags/min.

with Auger Filler and Discharge Device of Defective Product (Optional)

Auger Filler (Optional)

Easy Maintenance

Improved User-Friendliness

Inner Bag Packaging Section Packaging Method3-Side Ultrasonic Sealing and Cutting
Measurement MethodStandard: Slide Doser Weighing
Option: Load-Cell Weigher, Auger Filler
Packaging MaterialsNylon, Non-Woven Fabric, and any suitable filters for ultrasonic sealing
Filter Width120–200 mm
Bag SizeRectangular: 45–65 (W) x 60–90 (L) mm
Drip bag: 90 x 65–83 mm
Overwrapping Section Packaging Method3-Side Heat Sealing
Packaging MaterialsLaminated Film (PP, PE, etc.)
Film Width140–220 mm
Overwrap SizeOverwrap (for Rectangular): 70–100 (W) x 85–120 (L) mm
Overwrap (for Drip Bag): 100–110 (W) x 120–135 (L) mm
CapacityMax. 60 bags/min.
Dimensions1,340 (W) x 1,140 (D) x 2,915 (H) mm
Weight880 kg
Power Supply *3-Phase / 200 V / 2.2 kW
Compressed Air *320 L/min. (6 bar)
CE Marking **Optional
* Transformer for local voltage and dried compressed air to be prepared by the customer.
** Fail-safe design based on CE directive.


●Weighing System (Load-Cell Weigher, Auger Filler etc.)
●Poking Device for Sub-Hopper
●Slide Doser Vibrator
●Chute Knocking Device
●Various Size of Chutes (120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm etc.)
●Discharge Device of Defective Product
●Date Printer


■FPG-LT with Auger Filler (Optional)

Righit side view

Front view