HP-500W Automatic Bag Supplying-Filling Machine

Automatic Bag Supplying-Filling Machine

Flexible and has variety

with Weigher (Optional)

Bag SizeMin. Bag Size (Width)Gusset 55 mm / Flat 90 mm
Min. Bag Size (Length)150 mm
Max. Bag Size (Width)150 mm
Max. Bag Size (Length)310 mm (Option: 420 mm)
Capacity8 bags/min. * Depends on material and package type / size.
Packaging MethodHeat sealing
Dimensions1,635 (W) x 1,415 (D) x 2,165 (H)
Weight570 kg (Main Body)
Power Supply *3-Phase / 200 V / 1.5 kW
Compressed Air *250 L/min.
CE Marking **Not Available
* Transformer for local voltage and dried compressed air to be prepared by the customer.
** Fail-safe design based on CE directive.


●Decompression device
●Date printer
●Zip opening device
●Optional device for gusset bag
●Dust collection device
●Discharge device
●Material feeding lifter


Top view

Front view

Side view