Quality sent from Japan. Tea bags proposed by FUSO. STRONG POINTS OF FUSO PRODUCTS

Only FUSO triangular tea bags enable you to pack leaf tea and herb tea.

FUSO machine is even possible to accurately measure and pack large raw materials such as leaves and herbs.

Watch this video to learn more about pyramid bags.


Drip coffee bag enables you to serve single cup coffee very easily.

Using the drip coffee bag filling and packaging machine, it is possible to preserve the individually gas filled bags for a long period, to retain the fresh flavor and to experience the taste and aroma of real coffee simply at any time and anywhere.

By concentrating on specialized technologies and our products, we are able to supply assured quality.

These beautifully shaped tea bags born from our original ultrasonic wave seal cutting technology will predominate to the point that they change the concept of conventional tea bags.

We are concentrating on triangular type tea bags. The large triangular space improves the liquidity of the tea leaves when they come in contact with hot water and allow for prompt extraction.

It is possible to faithfully reproduce transparency, prompt extraction, flavor and aroma.

Tea bags which use a mesh filter can be faithfully and promptly reproduced without ruining the flavor or aroma of their contents.

The FPG series which is capable of packaging individual tea bags using nitrogen gas with a high gas exchanging rate, can also maintain product quality and freshness.